We are so pleased to have been selling broadband for nearly a whole year! Thank you so much to everyone who has either signed up with us or registered your interest. It has been a great start to Hull Fibre. Here’s to many more years to come! We have already saved customers hundreds off their bill with our fantastic prices!

List of Areas/Streets Now Live

There are currently 13,000 streets live around Hull and East Yorkshire with thousands more imminent. Our dedicated partner MS3 are working as fast as possible to connect broadband to more and more areas. As there is a huge demand for fantastic broadband at a great price, we have expanded our broadband to Scunthorpe and Grimsby with the addition of Fastlight Fibre to our group. 

Here are the postcodes currently live: 
(While every effort has been made to supply all properties across these postcodes, we cannot guarantee 100% coverage)


  • HU3
  • HU4
  • HU5
  • HU13 


  • DN15 


  • DN34
  • DN37

If you know of someone who is interested in our broadband, please tell them to go onto our website www.hull-fibre.co.uk and type in their postcode to find out if their address is live. If we’re not currently live in their area, they will need to register their interest in joining our broadband. As soon as we are in their area, we will phone them as soon as possible with the great news!

Recommend a Friend/Family Member to Our Broadband

Recommend our broadband to a friend/family member, and for every recommendation who signs up and gets installed, you will get £10 off your next bill! So, please tell your friends and family members to mention your recommendation when we phone to sign them up, or you can let us know yourself by either phoning 01482 574574 or email sales@hull-fibre.co.uk.

Door Knockers

We have been made aware of people selling in the area claiming that they are
from Hull Fibre. If someone comes to your house and say they are from Hull
Fibre, please ask them for ID, and they should have: 

  • Plastic ID
  • Lanyard with Hull Fibre logo all over
  • Photo of sales person
  • Name and job title of sales person
  • QR code that leads to Hull Fibre website
  • Hull Fibre phone number
  • Watermark on all of background Hull Fibre leaflets
Anyone that does not have an ID like this does not work for Hull Fibre. Please do not give any card or bank details to anyone, as we would not ask for them on the spot. If anyone would like to contact us directly, please either phone 01482 574574 and press 1 for sales, or email sales@hull-fibre.co.uk. We are expanding our sales team, and would like to welcome Chris and Jonny. 

We at Hull Fibre would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and happy New Year.