First thing you need to do is contact your supplier and find out how long you have left until you are out of contract.
If your current provider says you are out of contract then contact us straight away and we can get you on the journey to superfast connectivity.

The speeds vary depend on which package you choose. All of our fibre packages having matching upload and download speeds. 
For example (based on a wired connection): 
Essential package = 100mbps Download and 100mbps upload 

Super Package = 500mbps Download and 500mbps Upload.

Our Ultra 1GB package can vary depending on equipment and environment variables. On average you can expect speeds of 900-1000mbps. 

All above speeds are examples based on average testing. Wireless (WIFI) speeds will differ to those detailed above.

We are working our way through Hull, Scunthorpe, Grimsby, and Immingham, and expanding to other areas as quickly as possible. If you would like to know when we will be building in your area. Please contact us at hello@hull-fibre.co.uk or start a chat with us on the website.

Deals and packages can vary from time to time. If you cannot find the pricing you are looking for on our website, please contact us via our chat, email: hello@hull-fibre.co.uk or call us on
01482 574574 (Lines open Monday to Friday 9am -5pm)

If a fault has been identified by MS3 following the correct procedure of checking the Router And MS3 Lights. The fault will then be raised with MS3 directly for investigation.. then if deemed to need a visit an engineer will be scheduled to visit within 2 working days.

Yes, there is a charge of £120 for missing an appointment without giving at least 24 hours notice to cancel the appointment.

Yes, you will be charged £95 if an engineer visits and is unable to find a fault with the connection coming into the property.