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Do more and get ahead with Full Fibre that means business

Whatever your business needs, our range of lightning fast fibre broadband services will provide you with a secure and reliable connection that will give you peace of mind and help get things done.

Go beyond today’s broadband and bring Full Fibre into the heart of your business with Swish.

Blistering Gigabit speeds for your home

Get an extra 100 Mbps after 12 months

No long term contract, leave any time 

Wish you had Full Fibre broadband? A fast, secure and reliable connection Future-proof for decades to come Wish no more with Hull Fibre for Business.

Get ahead of the competition with a fast, secure and reliable service

A Full Fibre service uses fibre-optic lines directly to your premises, making it the fastest type of broadband on the market. With no copper lines it is also the most reliable broadband technology available.

With a starting speed of 600 Mbps that rises to a seriously fast 8,000 Mbps, our plans are designed to support small to medium size businesses of all shapes, sizes and needs. Static IP Address are available with all plans.

Lightning fast out of the blocks, low latency, reliable and dedicated Help Desk.

Business Super

500 Mbp/s

Striking a good balance between blinding fast broadband speeds and affordability.

Business Ultra


Our fastest Fibre package. The end all and be all of internet, serious speed.



Packages available in term lengths of both 12 and 24 months.

Contract required for all Business Plans.
Monthly costs exclude Installation Costs (price subject to survey).

Due to the constant variables affecting signal and speed of your Wi-Fi and your chosen package, actual speeds may fluctuate.

Lightning fast out of the blocks

Say hello to 4K streaming, hardcore gaming, crystal clear video calls, smart home living across multiple devices all at the same time – day and night.

Blistering speed for all occasions

Our 900 Mbps service unlocks endless possibilities and makes light work of your heaviest demands and internet-hungry household needs.

Make every millisecond count

Make poor video calls, slow file uploads and gaming lag a thing of the past. You get the performance, whatever you do and whenever you want.

Always on, never too busy

You won’t have to worry about broadband speeds being throttled or dropping out at peak times, or any other time, ever again.

You won’t find a more advanced solution for your business

There’s more to a great broadband service than speed alone. Swish Fibre for Business comes with a dedicated Business Help Desk and SLA that aims to fix issues within 5 working hours or receive a refund for each day late from any outage.

Equal download and upload speeds and an SLA that promises first-class issue resolution.

A game-changing service to support your business goals

Once you have a Full Fibre connection to your premises, you won’t need to upgrade your broadband connection again – it’s the best of the best.

Say goodbye to slow-down during peak times.  Our independent network doesn’t need to share with others and uses fibre-optic cables all the way to the building. You experience the speeds you’re paying for.

Go beyond broadband for your business.

Intelligent Wi-Fi

Full-strength, uninterrupted connectivity that learns and adjusts to your habits to provides the best coverage.

Threat Protection

Advanced AI Security keeps your entire home network and devices protected from hackers and cyberattacks.

Smart Controls

Smart home controls at your fingertips to manage and create passwords, guest access and view connected devices.

Parental Controls

Setting limits for device-level and internet-level access has never been easier. Turn on child appropriate internet filters.

All Swish Fibre kit is loaned to you and must be returned at the end of your contract if requested.
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